About Us

DCS Group was founded in 1994 and specialises in providing an innovative and unrivalled supply of market leading branded products, by being the uniquely appointed supply chain partner and manufacturer of FMCG brands.

Across three decades DCS has generated sales of over £3 billion. We are focused on creating sustainable growth for our branded partners and customers. We have achieved this by recruiting and developing the best people, selling market leading brands and continuously investing.

Our ability to drive consistent growth is achieved through 3 key principles:

  • Customer and consumer centric – we are constantly adapting to provide our customers with a strong offering that is fit for purpose.

  • Fast, flexible and flowing – we are big enough to be efficient and reliable, but small enough to be responsive and innovative.

  • White space – with our broad base of customers we are efficient in delivering creative new routes to market.


Maximise the opportunity:

CoreRange.com gives all the insight convenience retailers need to independently select a best-selling product range. Grow sales, increase shopper loyalty, and enhance profitability and efficiency by stocking the right products, merchandising them effectively and maximising on-shelf availability with the latest category insights, market dynamics and shopper trends.

The convenience market is worth £47bn in the UK*. Stocking the right non-food categories attracts loyal shoppers who buy other categories on impulse whilst in store. Household, health and beauty shoppers are almost twice as valuable as the average convenience shopper per trip and they buy 63% more items per basket. These valuable shoppers plan their shopping missions in advance so if you don’t stock the right products, they will go elsewhere.

*Source: Lumina Intelligence 2023 

Stock the right range and grow your sales:

58% of household, health and beauty shoppers say the category was their primary reason for a convenience shopping mission, and these shoppers are much more likely to choose a store because it always has the products they want in stock. With an average basket value of £16.75 per trip vs. the convenience channel average of £8.92*, it’s clear that winning loyalty with these shoppers will benefit your business.